Anti Slip Concrete Floor Coating

Concrete Floor Coatings and Floor Safety

Keeping employees and visitors on safe footing both inside and out of your facility is an important consideration for all industrial and commercial locations considering installation of protective concrete floor coating.

Fact:  Concrete contains pores that serve to absorb liquids whereas most concrete floor coatings actually fill the concrete pores making the concrete surface more hazardous than before the concrete floor coating was applied.

At Concrete Restoration Inc. we offer the most durable anti slip concrete floor coatings available in the flooring industry today.

Commonly referred to as broadcast anti slip concrete floor coatings, these technologically advanced concrete floor coatings are available in two thicknesses and an infinite number of color options.

Why are Concrete Restoration Inc.’s broadcast concrete floor coatings so durable?

The answer is in the design of the anti slip concrete floor coating system.

Typically, an inferior, less durable concrete sealer is 5 – 10 mils thick with some form of non skid aggregate added or sprinkled into the last 3 mils of material. Within a short period of time and with just light to moderate use, the sprinkled-in aggregate is kicked or rubbed out of the concrete floor coating.  This leaves a smooth, unsafe surface with small craters which can harbor dirt and debris. 

At Concrete Restoration, we provide an anti slip concrete floor sealer that is six (6x) to twenty (20x) times as thick as competitive concrete floor coatings.

Additionally, the non skid media we have designed into our system is scientifically formulated, super hard, aircraft flight deck grade quartz which is the ultimate in non skid aggregates.

Aggregates are only half the story of a superior, non skid concrete floor coating

Equally as important is the design of the non skid concrete floor coating system itself.

At Concrete Restoration, we use 1.5 lbs. of this super hard aggregate in every square foot we install. This aggregate becomes an integral part of the anti slip concrete floor coating system similar to how stones become an integral part of concrete. This design leaves behind a 65 or 125 mil anti slip concrete floor coating system that will last for years to come.